Shipping containers are invaluable for businesses moving goods across the country, internationally, or just a couple of states away. You can now order products and supplies in bulk, potentially saving thousands of dollars by taking advantage of prices offered far from home. It’s also possible to use shipping containers to simplify the process of moving your personal home or office to another state or country.

The problem comes when you realize the complexity of shipping container unloading. You know when the container is scheduled to arrive, but what happens then? Do you have the manpower and equipment to transfer items from the container to another vehicle for local transportation? How much time do you expect that to take, and does every member of your unloading team know how to do the work without risking injury?

Shipping containers are loaded to maximize the use of space, and that often makes for a more challenging unload. That’s where Tough Yakka comes into the picture.

Whether you’re hiring a container unloading crew for the first time or you’ve worked with other Brisbane warehouse labour hire companies in the past, we have everything you need to unload full or partial trailers safely, quickly, and affordably.

Let’s explore the shipping container unloading process in more depth while exploring the many benefits of using labour hire for shipment unloading.

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