Your container just arrived at the port. Chances are you’ve had a long wait for its arrival and it’s loaded with products that you need to get into the hands of your waiting customers. It’s exciting when your container arrives and the only thing standing between you and a profit is a few hours of shipping container unloading. However, it’s important to control your enthusiasm and consult with a labour-hire business offering experienced container unloaders. They will know what to watch out for when opening those container doors.

If you haven’t had the experience of unloading a shipping container yet, perhaps you’re wondering what could possibly be done before the doors open. Maybe you’ve unloaded a few containers already and haven’t encountered any problems. Either way, read on to learn what you need to look out for in the future when unloading your container. It could save you thousands of dollars in damaged products and may even spare you an injury or two.

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