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Tough Yakka is headed up by Eric Kruger. 

Eric started his career in warehousing in Sydney and quickly learned the very fast pace environment was not really for beginners like him, it required a lot of special skills, a lot of man hours and a thorough understanding of the logistics process. Eric taught himself how to drive a forklift, became qualified and very quickly became so familiar with this new industry people were coming to him for advice regarding the process and how it should be managed.

Later Eric was given an opportunity to start shipping container unloading, thinking it would be a relatively easy job, given his background, he wasn’t exactly afraid of hard work and took the job on headfirst solo…Big Mistake!

Eric suddenly found himself running around like a headless chook being in all places at once, he was the stacker, wrapper and forkie all in one go, a daunting and almost impossible task to do effectively on your own. It was then that he came to the conclusion that this was not a one man job and in this type of industry to become effective you required a team, a team of hard working, efficient, highly skilled people that are not afraid of tough work…this is how Tough Yakka was born.

Tough Yakka now supplies warehouse labour all over Brisbane and our much sort after container crews unload containers at various ports and warehouse sites for hundreds of industries. The future is certainly looking bright for this Brisbane based company.

On a personal note: Tough Yakka is about people, Eric the founder of Tough Yakka is passionate about supporting others and helping them achieve goals or get back on their feet. Eric is in a fortunate position where he is often confronted with people going through hardship or financial difficulty and can support them by offering them a career in warehousing where they can find their feet again…purely because someone gave them a chance when they needed it most. This not only supports the economy but also the families that live here in this beautiful city. Being part of the Tough Yakka team has many rewards but I guess this is probably the most rewarding…seeing people grow!

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Tough Yakka have been unloading and loading our containers for many years now and I have to say I have never come across a more reliable logistics company to work with. All of our loads are handled on time, efficiently and carefully. We have never had any damages and I am happy to recommend them to others. Keep up the great work!


Tough Yakka have been working with us to streamline our logistics process here in Brisbane, Australia. I find them professional and easy to deal with and so far have exceeded our expectations with their exceptional team. 


Very professional to deal with, they get stuck in and get the job done on time. I am really happy with the service we have had with the team at Tough Yakka, they have streamlined our logistics and made the process so much smoother.