According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, warehousing and logistics are an industry that’s on the rise with statistics revealing there was an increase of 25,247 new businesses across Australia in one year.

The increase in the warehousing and logistics industry has largely come from the development of the infrastructure that supports these businesses, including an investment of $70 billion over the last 7 years into road, rail, air, and water transportation. However, with this growth, also comes the logistics involved in running a streamlined and safe warehouse operation that is above all, profitable and safe.

For a warehouse to function at full capacity, it needs to be staffed by skilled people undertaking a variety of jobs. This is where labour hire for warehouses comes into play and how warehouse owners are saving thousands of dollars each year.

Labour Hire For Warehouses can complement your existing workforce, allowing you to:

Keep Your Warehouse Safe

Think that keeping your warehouse safe doesn’t save you money…well think again! Workplace safety is a major concern for warehouse environments. A Safe Work Australia – Workers Compensation Report found that the transport, postal and warehousing industry had the fourth-highest number of serious claims during its 2016-2017 period. Most of these claims were due to musculoskeletal issues related to repetitive physical labour. A warehouse pick packer, for example, is often required to undertake heavy lifting throughout their workday, leaving them vulnerable to workplace injuries and potential Workcover issues. Their absence not only slows down the distribution of the warehouse goods but can also become a nightmare when it comes to re-employing and training new staff to fulfil their role.

Outsourcing these types of tasks to a Brisbane warehouse labour hire can save a warehouse thousands of dollars each year and here’s why:

When you outsource your labour to a business such as Tough Yakka, we will provide you with experienced and skilled staff. Our staff won’t need to take time off work for a job induction, nor will they need to take time off for manual handling training because our staff are already experienced in lifting, putting down, carrying and moving heavy loads without causing bodily injury. Not only will our skilled labour-hire keep your warehouse commitments on track, but they will save you money thanks to their efficiency.

Work More Efficiently

A warehouse’s success comes down to efficiency and with such an increase in competition over the last few years, keeping things streamlined has become more important than ever. If you’re looking to stand out from your competitors, you need to be fast and accurate to fulfil and dispatch your orders. Warehouse owners are saving thousands of dollars each year by including labour hire for warehouses in their budget.

The addition of skilled and competent labour hire means that productivity can increase allowing the business itself to grow. At Tough Yakka, our team are happy to work alongside your existing employees, wherever they are needed, increasing your overall output and allowing for a more efficient warehouse workflow. They are also available to fulfil staffing shortages that occur due to illness or annual leave keeping your warehouse running at maximum capacity all year round.

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For a warehouse to stay competitive and save money, they need to invest in areas that will allow for maximum productivity, and they need to do that in a safe environment. Tough Yakka is Brisbane’s #1 warehouse labour supply service supplying skilled and highly trained warehouse workers right across Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs. If you’re ready to save thousands of dollars each year, then call us today to organise the right team for your warehouse needs.