Warehouse labour hire services can be extremely useful for tackling larger projects head-on with qualified employees who are eager to work. Can just anyone fill the position, however? The answer is, no. A quality warehouse labour hire candidate should possess certain stand-out characteristics that set them apart.

While the job being completed may not seem complicated at first glance, the best warehouse workers possess key qualities that ensure the work can be done accurately, safely, and on time.

From physical strength to strong mental focus and the ability to pay attention to details, here are five top traits warehouse labour hire employees should have.

Physical Strength
Warehouse work requires you to be on your feet for long hours. This coupled with lifting, bending, and moving to meet the demands of pick pack work and logistics means that being physically strong is a must. Not every job requires heavy lifting. Almost all, however, demand some level of physical endurance over long periods of time. A worker who is not in good physical condition will find warehouse labour work difficult to withstand.

Mental Focus
Paying attention to the details of the job means work can be done efficiently. Mistakes happen but too many in a short period of time can spell trouble. A solid warehouse worker listens to instructions from supervisors, asks questions when they arise, and cares about completing their task well. Items placed on the wrong skid or shelf, or packed in the wrong boxes can mean hours of work that need redoing. Clients who hire to fulfil Queensland warehouse labour jobs need reliable employees who can be trusted to do the job right the first time around.

Safety Awareness
An employee who is aware of the safety hazards present in a workplace helps keep themselves, and those around them, safe. Is the floor wet and slippery, or is it dry? Is the area free for the forklift to pass, or are there people walking by? A solid warehouse employee always has safety in the forefront of their mind in order to avoid becoming injured or hurting others.

No one wants to be left waiting around for employees to show up to work. Being on time is a must. In addition, once on site, a good warehouse labour hire employee takes direction easily. A person who needs constant redirection or reminders to stay on task is wasting valuable company time.

The best labour hire employees understand the task that needs to be done and can be relied upon to complete it well, adhering to all job standards and requirements. Labels that aren’t attached properly, items that aren’t placed on the right shelves, and orders that aren’t packed according to instructions present problems. These mistakes waste time and money on many fronts. A labour company and its partners need to be able to rely on their employees.

You want workers who are pleasant to be around and approachable. Warehouse labour hire employees who can communicate with each other easily and in a polite manner help make the warehouse a pleasant place to be. Friendliness and solid verbal communication are key to a positive work environment.

At Tough Yakka, we hire only the best employees for Brisbane pick and pack jobs, as well as Brisbane forklift jobs. Our team is reliable, friendly, safe, strong, and focused on the job at hand. It’s important to us that our employees do their very best to support our clients in every way possible as a leading warehouse labour supplier in the Brisbane area.

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