Container Loading & Unloading Services

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for container loading or unloading services, look no further than Tough Yakka.

Tough Yakka offers services Australia wide from our Brisbane base.
Streamline your operations and take your business to the next level.

At Tough Yakka, we pride ourselves on offering the fastest, reliable, flexible, accountable, and cost saving unloading solutions to our clients.
So, why is it important to hire our container unloading services?
Read on for a detailed outline.

Cost Effective
As a business owner, you’re always on the lookout for an opportunity to save a few coins and at Tough Yakka, we can help you achieve this through our client-friendly charges.

With us, you won’t incur the cost-intensive charges where the labourers take forever to unload your cargo in order to benefit more from the hourly charges. Our guys get in and get the job done.

We understand that time is vital for every entrepreneur.  As a result, our team of highly skilled container unloaders will work with you to ensure your cargo is unloaded in a reasonable and timely manner.

At Tough Yakka, we’re flexible enough to cater to unforeseen demands. For example, if you receive more containers than you anticipated, necessitating the need for more unloaders, we always have a backup crew to attend to your needs.

We’re always ready to bulk up our team to ensure that the unloading process flows smoothly and within the given time frame.

Remember that more hands make light work.
If you are unsure how many labourers you need, please call and we can assist you. We are not only dedicated to saving you costs but also to the safety and wellbeing of our workers.

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Product Handling With Care
Some products are delicate or highly fragile and, as a result, may demand to be handled with extra care.
Our container unloaders are highly trained, skilled, and have years of experience in the logistics industry. So, they understand how to handle each product with utmost care. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losses or damages due to the mishandling of your products.

Trust and Reputation
At Tough Yakka, we’ve worked with a variety of clients, offering them exceptionally professional services. We’ve worked for some reputable Australian brands, including Thank You Group, Early Settler, and Madgear Scooters.
Most of our clients hire us time and time again because of our unrivalled, prices, skills and services in container loading and unloading services.

Value-Adding Service
We don’t only focus on unloading your containers. We also go the extra mile to offer other value-adding services related to unloading.
We strive to offer all the essential services you may require to satisfy your needs perfectly. Our team of trained, skilled, hardworking, and dedicated unloaders will not only offer the required unloading services, but they’ll also do it within the set time frame and in a professional way.

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Tough Yakka have been unloading and loading our containers for many years now and I have to say I have never come across a more reliable logistics company to work with. All of our loads are handled on time, efficiently and carefully. We have never had any damages and I am happy to recommend them to others. Keep up the great work!


Tough Yakka have been working with us to streamline our logistics process here in Brisbane, Australia. I find them professional and easy to deal with and so far have exceeded our expectations with their exceptional team. 


Very professional to deal with, they get stuck in and get the job done on time. I am really happy with the service we have had with the team at Tough Yakka, they have streamlined our logistics and made the process so much smoother.