It’s a fact: warehouses all over the world are currently facing labour shortages as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And Australia is no exception. Here, strict border closures have meant that some of the people who make up the country’s much-needed workforce have been kept at bay intermittently during the past two years, including casual workers from abroad and international students, resulting in strong labour gaps.

It’s been a rough time! According to government statistics, the number of non-resident workers in Australia was down by a whopping two-thirds last June 2021. Wow! While this group doesn’t make up the entire warehouse workforce, every bit counts, of course.

But it’s also true that even before the pandemic, having reliable and consistent warehouse workers for your workplace could be a challenge to find. It can also be difficult to keep people on board. Workers move onto different jobs, and the market remains competitive for employees who are looking for more flexible work schedules, more opportunities for advancement, and other perks. That’s good for workers, but certainly difficult for employers. Inefficiencies in the supply chain can happen, resulting in lost time and money. Remaining workers can end up going into overtime to cover open shifts, and it can all snowball into a larger problem quickly.

What can you do if you’re stuck? Contact Tough Yakka. We can easily fill the gaps in your workforce. We have qualified teams of trained warehouse labour hire professionals you can trust, ready to go, including everyone from pick packers, to warehouse workers, container loaders, forklift drivers, and more. Get the grunt work done efficiently and on time!

What Tough Yakka can offer
Our company has top quality employees ready to work. Tough Yakka’s Brisbane warehouse labour hire company offers your workplace the following:

  • A skilled labour crew
  • Trained workers with forklift licences
  • Teams Certified in first aid
  • A scaled workforce
  • A proven reputation

Our labour crews are fully trained in how to work safely in a warehouse. Many of our team members hold forklift licences, meaning they know how to manoeuvre efficiently and safely throughout your workplace, reducing wear and tear on your equipment and the chance of anyone getting injured. All of our team comes certified in first aid, and have a proven reputation throughout Brisbane for working efficiently and effectively. We don’t just send in a set team to get the work done and hope for the best. We offer the option to scale the size of the team you need up or down as the work is being done in order to complete the job as quickly as possible without wasting anyone’s time.

We do the background work so you don’t have to
Hiring quality candidates takes time. You need to place ads, collect resumes, contact prospective workers, and conduct interviews before finally finding the right workers you need.

By hiring a warehouse team from Tough Yakka, the hiring and paperwork is done for you. You no longer have to conduct police checks, obtain references, and run through endless interviews. With us, your team is ready to go whenever and wherever you need it. You end up saving time spent on administration, meaning you can focus your talents elsewhere in your business.

With Christmas coming and stores ramping up business, a lot of warehouses need extra staff to get things done. Do you have inventory and orders that need to be dealt with? Are you missing the reliable hands you need? For the best in the Brisbane Warehouse Labour Hire call today and find out how we can help your business soar. Contact Tough Yakka now.