Labour work in warehouses and docks can often be intensive and physical. Not everyone is cut out for the job, which is bad news if you are struggling to fill warehouse labour positions or are thinking of recruiting warehouse labour. Warehouse experience doesn’t always come with the employee, meaning the time training and preparing staff for the job specifics can delay the supply chain and cost you more money.

Also, with inexperience comes risk, so why is it better to opt for warehouse labour hire instead? Read on to find out.

Hard workers can be difficult to come by these days. Many industries are feeling the effects of the migrant worker economy pause due to international border restrictions, and the lack of Aussies filling in the gaps is waning due to the physical and challenging nature of the work. This shows a shift in how many Australians want to (or don’t want to work). So, it would be fair to say the grit required to work tough physical jobs in warehousing or the docks is not as common as it used to be.

Warehouses and docks are dangerous places. Many safety hazards are associated with the operations carried out each day that could prove unsafe and costly in the wrong hands. Safe Work Australia’s work-related serious injuries report highlights 24 per cent of serious claims in 2020 were made by labourers and 14 per cent of claims were made by machinery operators, with 8 per cent of these claims made in warehouses. Forklift accidents, including overturning and mishandling, slips and falls, particularly from heights, heavy items falling, and hazardous material spills, are some of the significant risks posed to labour workers in warehouse and dock settings.

Why Choose Warehouse Labour Hire?

Any injury is one injury too many. So why is it important to rely on industry-trained, experienced warehouse labour hire when it comes to your warehousing needs? That is a great question! Because nearly all work-related accidents are avoidable, and with the correct training, licenses and experience in the role, these incidents are minimised significantly.

We know work safety is a top priority of yours. You want to avoid any injury to anyone that may impede mobility or income and the possible litigation that may come with the territory. This is why our entire workforce has the appropriate certifications and licenses, and all workers hold an up-to-date first aid certificate as set out by the Queensland First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice. Tough Yakka also ensures all staff, machinery and property are covered under the appropriate level of insurance to protect both our team, your property and your peace of mind.

So, as we said, hard work is hard to find. This is why relying on our Brisbane warehouse labour supply services rather than seeking your staff means you can be assured your warehouse needs are met immediately and with little effort.

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Our team of dedicated, experienced and work-safe protected labour-hire workers will not only give 110 per cent, but they’re also not afraid of it. The bonus is, that we will keep your costs down by charging per container, and we will increase our workforce to meet your needs rather than taking longer at a fixed rate. We believe in Tough Yakka for a fair day of work, and our team of Brisbane on-demand labour hire workers have their boots on ready to keep your supply chain moving in the right direction.

So, give us a call today and tell us how our warehouse labour hire services can assist you.