If you want a new challenge that offers job security, variety and competitive rates of pay, then adding forklift driver jobs to your list could be perfect for you.

Forklift operator jobs are the heartbeat of any warehouse or distribution centre. They are an integral part of smooth logistical operations and sound inventory management. These highly-skilled roles are essential for optimising supply chain efficiency.

Read on for the lowdown on these critical Brisbane warehouse jobs.

Some Key Benefits of a Career as a Forklift Driver

Earning a decent wage is typically one of the key drivers when looking for any new kind of job. Tough Yakka offers competitive rates of pay across the board. We offer competitive wages as we know it is critical to attract the best workers possible.

We also understand that more and more people need flexibility when they work. They may have childcare commitments or even have taken a second job to make ends meet in the current economic climate.

Forklift drivers are always in demand. More than two-thirds work in the biggest cities, and Brisbane warehouse jobs are part of the fabric of the local economy. Some companies are even having to recruit forklift drivers from overseas because they have vacancies they have been unable to fill within their own catchment areas.

The Diversity of Work Environments

Our shopping habits have changed dramatically over the past few years. We are buying more and more products online from the comfort of our homes. The world feels like a smaller place because it’s now so easy to order products that come from faraway places.

Both of these factors mean a sudden expansion in the warehouses and distribution centres needed to meet modern-day demands. And with that comes a need for skilled workers to run these kinds of operations.

Tough Yakka has teamed with those who manage the logistics for imports, exports and distribution. So, there are plenty of forklift driver jobs and forklift operator jobs on offer in a wide variety of settings.

Opportunities to Develop Skills and for Career Advancement

If you’re looking for a career shift, now would be the ideal moment to choose one in a growing industry. These are exciting times for the whole gamut of Brisbane warehouse jobs, and Tough Yakka has committed to offering above-average wages with additional incentives to ensure staff satisfaction and retention.

Some forklift drivers and operators work part-time, but there are always plenty of opportunities for advancement. Remember that no warehouse or storage facility could function without forklift drivers.

What Qualifications Will I Need?

Anyone who operates a forklift must have a forklift licence (LF). It’s possible to obtain this by attending a one to two-day course. After this, you’ll have the chance to go for an order picker licence (LO). This is for when the control and the load carriage move together. These operators are in exceptionally high demand.

There is a wide variety in the kinds of forklifts warehouse use. The more opportunities you have to get to know them, the more in demand you will make yourself.

What Kinds of Responsibilities Will I Have as a Forklift Driver or Operator?

Safety is paramount. You will be operating machinery that could seriously injure or even kill someone if you don’t use it properly. Part of your job is to adhere to health and safety standards.

For instance, you must:

  • Ensure pallets are secure
  • Avoid overloading your forklift truck
  • Stay in control by removing obstacles or steering clear of slippery surfaces
  • Comply with safety protocols

Key Duties include:

  • Loading and unloading pallets to and from supply trucks
  • Positioning pallets on higher shelving units
  • Taking pallets from shelves and moving them elsewhere
  • Placing goods in the vehicles of customers
  • Keeping a careful log of incidents
  • Carrying out regular inspections of machinery
  • Reporting any potential issues to managers, mechanics or supervisors
  • Tracking inventories

Working with forklift mechanics will also be part of the job. They are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the forklifts. It’s up to them to ensure that they’re always in safe working order. A forklift mechanic is responsible for identifying and repairing faults with machinery, ordering replacement parts and taking appropriate preventative measures.

What About the Working Environment?

Those working in hardware stores may need excellent interpersonal skills because there is greater interaction with customers. You may need to act as a spotter from time to time for colleagues who may also operate forklift trucks.

Forklift operators may find themselves working indoors and outdoors. If you are working in a warehouse, it is more likely that the work will be indoors. These environments are well-lit, tend to have air-conditioning and provide break rooms.

Working as a forklift driver indoors presents its own challenges, such as narrow aisles and the potential for floor spillages. Working outdoors may mean enjoying more fresh air, but it can be weather-dependent.

Flexible Working Hours

Many warehouses never close, meaning they operate 24/7. This creates opportunities for day, afternoon, weekend, public holiday or night shifts that can be more lucrative. Tough Yakka places a high value on work-life balance and is always keen to hear what kinds of shifts are going to work best on a case-by-case basis.

We also want to hear from those who have a burning ambition to make themselves invaluable so they can move on to roles with greater responsibility.

Tough Yakka has an ongoing recruitment drive for forklift drivers and operators. There are always plenty of forklift driver and forklift operator jobs to go around.

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