Warehouses are only as good as the sum of their parts. When all their components work in harmony, they become like well-oiled machines. Goods will then come and go at lightning speed, always maintaining their mint condition.

The ebb and flow of containers adds to the complexity of managing warehouse logistics. No day is ever the same, so workforce flexibility is a must. That may mean outsourcing some warehouse services from time to time. Tough Yakka is your go-to solution.

Read on to discover how we can make your warehouse even more efficient with our warehouse logistics services.

Our Key Warehouse Logistics Services

We work closely with a wide variety of clients across Brisbane and surrounds. That gives us the edge because we can see how different warehouses manage their logistics.

Our experience means we know almost instinctively what works and what doesn’t, and we can share that expertise with those we work with. To stay relevant and competitive, we also have to be across of all the latest developments and technology in warehouse logistics services.

We’ve broken down our warehouse logistics services into five key areas. These are:

  • Pallet Wrapping
  • Scanning and Labelling
  • Putaway
  • Cross Docking
  • Storage Preparation

Here are the details of each of these vital components:

Pallet Wrapping

There’s more to warehouse logistics services than simply loading and unloading. Pallet wrapping can be an essential component in minimising the dangers of product damage and maximising stability during transit.

Our trained staff can step in to carry out pallet wrapping to secure smaller units, for example. Binding them together can reduce the risks of them tipping over, shifting or colliding when on the move.

The film also offers a high level of protection against the impact of moisture and dust. This, in turn, can reduce the number of returns and their associated costs, boost customer satisfaction and maintain your reputation for reliability.

Our skilled workers know exactly when and how to stretch the film for a tighter, more secure wrap around your products and goods. This enhances the stability of the load, and by stretching the film, we’ll use less film to achieve the same degree of wrapping and protection. This, in turn, can also reduce the cost of packaging.

Scanning and Labelling

Accurate scanning and labelling are critical for inventory management and tracking. These key tasks help streamline the inventory processes, reducing mistakes and making traceability far easier.

Labels are an additional layer of error prevention. When a pallet or container moves through your system, we can scan and log its label and location. We’ve seen how this helps managers understand precisely where an item is at any given moment.

Warehouse labelling leads to time and cost savings. For example, it’s possible to read retro-reflective labels when they’re up to fourteen metres away. You can then check stacks of pallets from the floor and efficiently perform random inventory checks.

Warehouses that use a barcode-driven management system can save thousands of dollars a year by eliminating inventory errors. Tough Yakka staff have the required training to take over invaluable scanning and labelling warehouse services at a moment’s notice.


Putaway refers to the processes between receiving goods at a warehouse and putting them away in their allocated spaces.

A putaway system simplifies the process of storing goods. It also reduces the risk of misplacing or losing items and helps keep your warehouse clean and well-organised. It sets an example to staff that your warehouse takes pride in its appearance.

Efficient putaway brings these benefits:

  • Saves time as workers know exactly where to put items
  • Improves and streamlines the inventory process
  • Mitigates the risk of losing or misplacing items
  • Speeds up the picking process as you’ll know where items are
  • Optimises the use of space in your warehouse

Tough Yakka staff can take on all types of putaway duties as part of the range of warehouse logistics services we offer. They understand the benefits of getting this important process right and can adapt to the requirements of any particular warehouse.

Cross Docking

Cross docking is a shipping method that moves goods from one form of transport to another so that they go directly from the source to their destination. Cross docking is particularly useful in freight transportation because it can reduce costs and the need for storage space.

Cross docking typically occurs in a distribution terminal, where vehicles have dock doors on the sides and little storage space.

Cross docking is especially important for high-volume or perishable goods that need shipping straight away. Here are some key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity and negligible inventory costs
  • A reduction in the time from receiving goods and shipping them on
  • A boost in revenue and improved profit margins
  • Faster delivery and better customer service

We understand that cross-docking is more complex than traditional warehousing. There are extra steps involved, such as communicating with other warehouses and coordinating their operations.

Attention to detail is essential, which is why we’ve trained our staff in all the latest technology and operational techniques. Our staff can slot in and take over all your cross-docking warehouse services.

Storage Preparation

Excellent storage preparation ensures faster access to goods and cuts down on delays in fulfilment. Clearing clutter frees up valuable space and enables warehouses to optimise every available square metre.

For example, floor storage or block stacking may be ideal for warehouses that process a high turnover of items. Grouping items in a specific zone can make them easier to locate. This storage technique is the most cost-effective as it doesn’t require racks. However, it comes with risks, such as an increased potential for collapse.

Pallet rack storage is one of the most favoured warehouse logistics options. It optimises space and allows operators to maneuver goods safely. There are several types of pallet rack options. These include fixed and mobile racks.

Streamlining Your Business with Tough Yakka

By focusing on warehouse logistics services from pallet wrapping to put away, you’ll reduce operational costs, improve inventory accuracy and speed up ordering processes. Touch Yakka can help with the full range of warehouse services.

Get in touch with the experts and let Tough Yakka be your first port of call for all your warehouse logistics services.