It’s the beginning of a new year and with it comes exciting possibilities on all fronts. International borders are opening and pandemic measures are slowly being eased, resulting in businesses finding their voice again and gradually returning to normal. While this is all very positive, many companies still have a portion of their workforce out due to COVID-19 recoveries and others are finding it hard to meet soaring demands across sectors. This is resulting in a definite skills shortage all across Australia.

According to the latest statistics, in November 2021 there were around 1,000 more jobs being advertised around NSW than before the pandemic began and companies are having a hard time filling them. Are you being affected? Are you short of hands in your workplace?

Then turn to Tough Yakka for your warehouse labour hire crew and get the job done efficiently while saving money.

Why there is a shortage of skilled labour in Australia
The pandemic has exacerbated the shortage of skilled labour in the country as workers fall sick with the Omicron variant but the issue of not having enough skilled workers to get the job done isn’t new.

According to Megan Lilly, the executive director of education and training for the Australian Industry Group who spoke with, the number of people going into apprenticeships in Australia was steadily declining before the pandemic began, at least until the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements (BAC) wage subsidy was introduced in October 2020. When the pandemic hit less than six months later, the low number of locally trained workers got boxed in with shrinking skilled migration, and the drain of hirable international students and backpackers who returned to their home countries. The result has been a severe lack of workers and a growing availability of positions that are now hard to fill. Many regional industries are booming and finding the right staff to fulfil the new demand is challenging.

How you can save money with warehouse labour hire
Having your own in-house warehouse crew can be helpful but it can also be a hindrance. You might not need them every day, but you still need to pay employees when work is slow. In addition, workplace injuries can cost your company money. If your existing team is overworked and overtired due to a shortage of trained staff, the rate of injuries can go up.

Some of the top injuries in Australian warehouses include slips and trips, forklift accidents, strain from manual labour, falls from heights and falling objects, exposure to harmful substances, and accidents involving pedestrians.

By hiring a Brisbane labour hire service such as Tough Yakka, you pay your workforce only for the time required to get the job done. You can also rest assured that every worker in your warehouse has been fully trained and certified to do the work they are assigned, resulting in a safe workplace that runs properly. You can have enough people to get your work done when you need them, resulting in a smooth operation.

Why hire Tough Yakka staff
Our team is experienced and trained in all manner of warehouse undertakings, saving businesses time and money. We provide companies with:

  • Fully trained and certified workers
  • Teams with first aid certification
  • A scaled workforce
  • Trained, licenced and conscientious forklift drivers
  • A reliable crew

Tough Yakka’s Brisbane based warehouse labour hire crew provides a reliable workforce complete with police background checks, and certified in first aid. We only send the number of workers required to complete the job and scale this team up or down depending on the needs of the project. In this way, your money is maximised and put to the best use without paying for people waiting around, unneeded. Contact us today for the best in Brisbane warehouse labour hire. You’ll be glad you did!