Ask Australian businesses what their key challenges are. Staff shortages along with staff retention are likely to feature at the top of the list.

The number of job vacancies in Australia has been hovering at around the 400,000 mark for quite some time now. And, the labour shortage shows no sign of abating any time soon.

The consequences for businesses in desperate need of staff can be devastating. It’s time to find new and innovative solutions to fill the gaps. As well as providing warehouse staff, Tough Yakka now acts as a white-collar staffing agency.

Read on to find out how a staffing agency in Brisbane could help your business grow.

The Impact of Staff Shortages on Team Morale

An often overlooked consequence of the labour shortage is the effect it can have on those who currently form part of the workforce. The net result for them is that there is more slack to pick up.

How this happens can be incremental but ultimately become the norm. The bottom line is that there are a number of essential tasks in any business and someone has to get them done. If working practices slip, staff know it is likely to create problems for them further down the line. There’s therefore an inclination to jump in and help out.

The result is that staff can feel overworked and stressed. That, in turn, increases the risk of absenteeism due to sickness creating a vicious circle that is hard to recover from. It puts staff morale under strain. A once-happy workforce can quickly become disillusioned.

Staff shortages, therefore, cause a range of issues for the workforce. These include:

  • Staff feeling overstretched, put upon and stressed
  • A rise in sickness levels due to increased mental pressure
  • A drop in retention levels as staff move on in search of better conditions
  • A drop in the level of staff morale
  • An increase in managerial workload

Part of the solution can be to use a white-collar staffing agency that covers Brisbane and beyond. We’ll be looking later in the article at how this can drastically reduce the impact of labour shortages on a once-happy workforce.

The Impact of Staff Shortages on Business Services

There may be an ongoing labour shortage but the expectations of consumers remain consistently high. Let’s say a grocery store has to reduce its opening hours because it can’t find the staff to man it.

If customers face such inconvenience, they’re likely to simply move on to a different store that’s open. That kind of scenario can devastate those businesses that have had to cut their operating hours.

And, it’s not just a reduction in opening hours that can adversely affect a business. Staff shortages mean they may lack the manpower to deliver the same high-quality customer service that was possible in the past.

Enviable reputations that may have taken years to earn can disappear in the blink of an eye. The result of that can quickly translate into a lack of sales. That can turn a once profitable business into one that sails perilously close to going bust.

A Solution to Staff Shortages

One recent survey found that 60 per cent of Australian workers placed flexible work over career progression. Employees are constantly on the lookout for jobs that give them a better work-life balance.

Both businesses and employees recognise that flexible work boosts overall morale in the workplace. Flexibility improves productivity in the office along with job satisfaction among employees.

Some of the country’s top talent are turning to staff agencies as a way to get the kind of flexibility they’re looking for. These workers want more control over their hours. They also want a more varied career that allows them to experience a range of workplaces over a shorter period of time.

A white-collar staffing agency like Tough Yakka has access to these types of workers. It is able to provide office administrative staff as well as assistants for stores and shops.

The Advantages of Hiring White Collar Agency Staff

White-collar staffing agency workers want the flexibility to work full or part-time. That means we have a whole range of staff willing to work the hours that suit you. Flexibility works both ways so the beauty of using a staffing agency means you only pay for the hours you actually need.

There are other bonuses for businesses too in terms of efficiency and cost savings. These include:

  • Access to highly qualified and motivated workers
  • Savings in time and manpower by not having to recruit
  • Reduced expenses because there is no need for an onboarding process

The avoidance of any recruitment process is one of the most attractive benefits to an organisation. Getting sufficient white-collar workers to apply for a job can be difficult. Even, if a business is lucky enough to come up with an adequate short-list, there can still be a whole host of complexities.

Candidates may, for example, end up becoming unavailable because they’ve found better-paid work elsewhere. Or, a business may have to wait for a new staff member to become available due to long notice periods with previous employers.

The result can be a lot of effort for very little or no return. Using a white-collar staffing agency does away with all these difficulties. Companies can get the staff they need, often at short notice, and for as long or as little as they need.

Talk to Tough Yakka About Your White Collar Staffing Needs

Tough Yakka already has an enviable reputation for supplying warehouse labour. We understand how hard it is for businesses to recruit and retain hard-working and motivated staff.

The same difficulties apply when you’re looking for white-collar staffing too. That’s why you need to use our white-collar staffing services for Brisbane and beyond.

If you’re in need of reliable, talented administrative staff for your office, shop or store, get in touch with us today. Whether you have full-time, part-time or temporary positions to fill, Tough Yakka, the premier staffing agency for Brisbane, has you covered.