Shipping containers are invaluable for businesses moving goods across the country, internationally, or just a couple of states away. You can now order products and supplies in bulk, potentially saving thousands of dollars by taking advantage of prices offered far from home. It’s also possible to use shipping containers to simplify the process of moving your personal home or office to another state or country.

The problem comes when you realize the complexity of shipping container unloading. You know when the container is scheduled to arrive, but what happens then? Do you have the manpower and equipment to transfer items from the container to another vehicle for local transportation? How much time do you expect that to take, and does every member of your unloading team know how to do the work without risking injury?

Shipping containers are loaded to maximize the use of space, and that often makes for a more challenging unload. That’s where Tough Yakka comes into the picture.

Whether you’re hiring a container unloading crew for the first time or you’ve worked with other Brisbane warehouse labour hire companies in the past, we have everything you need to unload full or partial trailers safely, quickly, and affordably.

Let’s explore the shipping container unloading process in more depth while exploring the many benefits of using labour hire for shipment unloading.

What is Shipping Container Unloading?
Shipping container loading is the process of removing items from a large shipping container. For international shipments coming into a port from overseas, the process starts with removing the container from the ship with a crane. The next step is to quickly transition items from inside the container to another vehicle for local or cross-country transportation.

You can also hire a container unloading crew for truck containers after a journey across land or containers loaded onto trains for rail transport. Rail container unloading requires you to remove items from a train container and transport them to their next destination. Large trucks may pull containers right up to your commercial building or home for faster, more convenient unloading.

What Types of Containers Qualify for Unloading Labour Hire?
As a leading Brisbane warehouse labour hire with shipping container unloading experience, Tough Yakka has the manpower and equipment to unload any type of shipping container. That includes shipments coming in by sea, rail, or highway. We offer versatile, strong teams of experienced unloaders that will get the job done efficiently.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs to Hire a Shipping Container Unloading Crew
It’s possible to put together your own container unloading crew and buy or rent your own equipment, but there are some big benefits that come with allowing our professional crews to do the work.

Save Time
Have you ever tried to unload a shipment container with an inexperienced team? You may know that it can take hours to get the work done, and you’ll hear a lot of complaining along the way. When you work with a labour hire team with experience unloading, you save a lot of time and eliminate the complaints.

An experienced unloading crew will also have access to the best equipment to accelerate the process. They’ll get everything done in a fraction of the time that you could do the job with manual unloading.

Tough Yakka charges by the container, not the hour. That means every member of our team is more motivated to get the work done as quickly as possible. One of the most frustrating parts of working with other crews is watching the unloaders drag their feet in order to charge an extra hour or two. We keep our crew members on their toes by eliminating the hourly charges.

No Unloading Equipment Needed
If you want to unload a container yourself without manually lifting every item one by one, you will need to rent or purchase a crane, forklift, or other equipment. That equipment is expensive and doesn’t make good financial sense for most small to medium-sized businesses. You would also need professionals with the right training to operate that equipment.

When you hire a professional unloading crew, they bring the equipment with them. Consider it just another way to save money unloading your shipments.

Reduce Risk of Damage
We’ve talked a lot about the speed and efficiency of an experienced unloading crew, but there’s another benefit that comes with experience. Shipping Container Unloading Crew are experienced labourers who will do the work without damaging the goods unnecessarily. You’ll come out with less loss than you might with manual unloading.

Why are packages often damaged during container unloading? It’s often due to the way containers are loaded. Experienced loaders are focused on getting as much into the container as possible, leaving little to no space unused. That makes for a tight load that is difficult to dismantle if you aren’t experienced.

Think of a full container as a live game of Tetris. The pieces are stacked together tightly, and you need our experienced unloaders to remove them without damaging your items.

Eliminate Risk of Injuries
The damage isn’t limited to your newly shipped cargo. When inexperienced unloaders enter a container and start manually unloading, they’re prone to physical injuries. As a business owner, you’re potentially liable for those injuries.

It makes better business sense to allow an experienced unloading crew to handle the hard work. They know how to get the job done with less physical wear and tear. They also have equipment and tools that help them do more work in less time without hurting themselves.

Fast, Affordable Shipping Container Unloading in Brisbane
You don’t have to figure out the complexities of container unloading on your own. Tough Yakka can provide a Shipping Container Unloading Crew that can get your cargo off the ship, truck, or train and on the road locally. Whether Brisbane is your final destination or just another leg in a long journey, we’re here to provide expert guidance and all the heavy lifting you need.

When is your next container arriving? Contact us today to let us know what kind of help you might need.