Are you looking for a great job that meets your demands? Do flexible hours and the chance to move up the work ladder sound fantastic? Tough Yakka has a positive workspace with room to move, offering Brisbane warehouse jobs. We’re presently looking for people who aren’t afraid of putting in a solid day’s work for fair compensation at multiple locations across Brisbane.  Here’s why we might be a great fit for you.

Flexible Schedules
We know that life changes, and sometimes changes again! Our positions offer the chance for you to work full-time or casually throughout the year. If you need work sporadically, you can join our list of casual and temporary labour for hire workers. As an on-call staff member, you get the opportunity to join the team when we need you and when it suits your schedule. As a full-time Tough Yakka employee, you receive regularly scheduled shifts at designated warehouse locations.

A Chance to Move up the Ladder
Do you love leading a team? Are you reliable, responsible, and willing to learn? We offer workers who show top quality skills the opportunity to advance. Over time, you may become a team leader and improve your career standing.

Tough Yakka also provides the perfect opportunity to advance your skills.  We offer our staff training in container loading and unloading, safety practices, and first aid. Our workplaces are fast-paced environments that require thinking on your feet and stamina. For some positions such as warehouse pick and packers, and forklift drivers, previous experience and training is a definite asset. We need workers who have strong attention to detail and who care about getting the job done well, every time.

Competitive Wages
We know your time matters. Tough Yakka employees work hard and receive competitive compensation that meets market demands. You won’t be paid the bare minimum, nor will you ever worry about not being paid on time. We’re not here to take advantage of your skills and talents. Our company is established and well known throughout the Brisbane area as a reputable employer with a good track record. Our competitive wages match the industry right across the board.

We recognize that a diverse workplace is a strong one. Can you excel as a part of our team? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you. We embrace people from all walks of life who are interested in putting in a solid day’s work.

Location, location, location!
As a leader in Brisbane warehouse jobs, Tough Yakka has several locations that currently require staffing. We have openings throughout Brisbane and we try our best to schedule you in a location that matches your convenience. We don’t expect you to travel for hours just to get to work. If the location you are assigned doesn’t work for you, speak with us about the possibility of making a switch. We need our staff rested and on time to do the job right.

Does this sound like the perfect job for you? Working at Tough Yakka requires dedication, punctuality, responsibility, and attention to detail. Our positive working environment ensures you stay safe at work and our clients get the very best service possible.

Container and warehouse work can be rewarding and we’re looking for the best people to fill our current staffing roles. As a champion of Redlands labour hire services, we strive to create a top work environment for our employees and expect top-quality effort in return.

Sound like a great opportunity? We think so, too!

Invest in your future today by building comprehensive work experience skills that set you apart. Joining our team is as easy as filling out this form and uploading your CV and cover letter.

If you’re not afraid of tough work – then why not contact us today!