In such an uncertain world, it’s good to know there are still some jobs in Brisbane that offer stability, flexibility and prospects. Throw in competitive pay, and on-site training and you may think you have won the jackpot.

Tough Yakka ticks all these boxes and more. We are proud of our diverse workforce. See Tough Yakka as your rock and anchor that’ll help you get through life’s challenges. We have plenty of jobs on the Sunshine Coast available.

So, if you’re not afraid of a bit of hard graft, read on to find out about the jobs on the Gold Coast that are going to suit you best.

Jobs in Brisbane For You

At Tough Yakka, we know that getting to and from work can eat into your valuable free time. We’ve got jobs available in Brisbane spread over areas of the city and we’ll always try to schedule your work in a location that suits you best.

As more and more of us shop online, the number of warehouses has expanded and the workforce needed to ensure their well-oiled wheels turn continues to grow. These are the places to be and you’ll become part of a community that’s very much the beating heart that keeps the country’s consumers satisfied.

As if to prove the point, here’s an eye-watering statistic: the global warehousing and storage market had a value of AUS$ 660 billion in 2021 and it’s continuing to rise year on year. Join an industry where the demand is multiplying.

Labour Jobs on the Sunshine Coast

So how would you fit into this exciting marketplace? Some of the labour jobs on offer in Brisbane require a good degree of physical fitness. You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment so the ability to be able to think on your feet can also be essential. If you’re a visual person, check out some of the images of our environment for some further insight to our exciting workplace.

We’re proud to embrace diversity and are always on the lookout for team leaders who can motivate those around them and take on additional responsibilities. All of our jobs require the ability to be able to work as part of a team. That means having these key competencies:

  • The ability to communicate well, especially by listening carefully to others
  • Great time management skills
  • A desire to jump in, help others and solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Being able to think through a problem critically and come up with solutions
  • A talent for collaborating with fellow workers whilst showing leadership qualities

Our 3 “bread and butter” labour jobs in Brisbane are:

  • Container Unloaders
  • Warehouse Pick and Packers
  • LF Forklift Operators

Here’s the lowdown on each:

Container Unloaders

These positions are typically casual day shifts and often suit temp workers best. By their very nature, cargos come and go which is why we need teams in place at specific times for specific jobs.

Having said that, there is work available every week in lots of locations across Brisbane particularly in the north, south and southwest areas. Our day shifts tend to start at 0700 and so having a car and driving license is going to help.

We like to take on people who have proven experience in this kind of manual work. Clearly, there’s a need to be physically fit in order to carry out the heavy and repetitive lifting of products that can come in all shapes and sizes.

Above all, we want people who we can rely on, who are proactive, keen and want to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Warehouse Pick and PackersĀ 

We’ll be looking for someone who’s worked in a warehouse or logistics environment before for these positions, preferably as a pick and packer.

They’re likely to already be familiar with bar scanners, voice pickers, labelling products, packing and putting stickers on boxes.

This is fast-paced work so being able to provide evidence that you have experience in multi-skilling is going to help. We need team players who thrive under pressure and at the same time do not lose sight of the finer detail.

LF Forklift Truck Operators

We’re always looking for experienced and capable operators with excellent track records and a proven background in forklift operation.

If you wish to apply, as a bare minimum, you must have experience in unloading and loading containers along with stacking pallets. We need people with a little technical know-how who understand the mechanics and specs of different types of forklift trucks.

We prefer to take on operators who have used a counterbalance and/or a high-reach forklift in the past.

We are looking for candidates who have a “can do” attitude. They must be team players who are happy to muck in with everyone else in order to get the job done. There’s always a lot going on, so you’ll need to be able to multi-task and enjoy working under pressure.

This is good old-fashioned, honest work in a modern environment that requires a high degree of reliability, consistency and dedication every single day of the week.

Gearing Up Your Forklift Skills

In case you’re unfamiliar with LF Forklift truck requirements and need to hone up your skills before applying to work for Tough Yakka, here’s some information that might help:

The LF high-risk work licence class lets you operate forklift trucks excluding order-picking forklift trucks. WorkSafe Queensland defines a forklift truck as a powered industrial truck with:

  • Lifting media
  • Lifting components including a mast and an elevating load carriage
  • Attachments including a pair of fork arms or other arms
  • Arms that can rise 900mm or more above the ground

Exclusions are pedestrian-operated trucks and pallet trucks, WorkSafe says.

Apply Now for the Best Labour Jobs in Brisbane

If you’re looking to get stuck into regular work in a growing industry, then Tough Yakka wants to hear from you.

We have labour jobs on the Gold Coast that need filling right now. We offer highly competitive rates of pay along with prospects to develop and grow into more senior roles.

The easiest and fastest way to get in touch is through our online application form. You can find it here at the bottom of the page. Fill it in today and you could be on your way to being part of the happy Tough Yakka crew.