Loading your shipping container efficiently is of paramount importance. No one wants to waste valuable company time dealing with problems in logistics, injured team members, or general disorganisation when it comes to the loading or unloading process.

Since about 98% of Australia’s trade travels overseas in shipping containers, getting these vessels loaded correctly and ontime can make a big difference in your bottom line! At Tough Yakka, our team of professionals knows exactly what it takes to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Here are 5 best-practice tips we follow in order to load your shipping containers efficiently.

Double Check Your Packaging
The right cargo packed in the wrong way can easily lead to goods arriving at their final destination that have become damaged along the way. In order to minimize this from happening it’s a good idea to inspect your cargo before loading it in the container. Do this to make sure it’s been packaged properly. This includes making sure the contents have been labelled and marked, and that nothing is already damaged before entering the container.

If requested, Tough Yakka will shrink wrap your packages before they’re placed in the shipping container. This is done in order to provide the contents with extra protection against wear and tear, as well as any exposure to moisture.

Choose the Right Container for the Job
Not only do the contents need to be in adequate condition before being loaded into your shipping container, but you should also ensure that the container itself is in good condition. Look for a tight seal and make sure there isn’t any visible leaking, fracturing, or contamination. Your container should be clean and free from things like chemical smells that could cause problems en route. Look for signs of distortion. Does the container sit flat? A shipping container that isn’t flush could result in tipping and other problems. This can lead directly to lost cargo, something you definitely want to avoid. That’s why it’s important to have the best in Brisbane shipping container loading on your team!

Consider How Weight is Distributed
At Tough Yakka, our professional shipping container loading service charges by the container, not the hour, and we load full containers as well as half and quarter containers. We’re always careful to ensure that the weight is distributed well inside our containers. This is super important as cargo ships travel in rough seas. The improper movement inside the container can damage its contents, or cause the container to be lost altogether. Gravity counts!

Say “Yes” to Proper Spacing and Bracing
You want to make sure that the contents are placed evenly and are supported for their journey. You need adequate space between goods inside the container so that they can be picked up and unloaded easily at the other end. Keep corridors free of unwanted objects by making a plan and sticking to it! It’s also important to use shipping container bracing to keep contents from moving around in shipment, resulting in damage.

Hire the Right Team to Get it Done
Finally, hire the right people. Having reliable, fully trained workers you can trust to get the job done efficiently and on time is valuable when it comes to loading and unloading your shipping containers. With inexperienced personnel, time can be wasted and accidents can be more likely to occur that result in injuries and damaged products, which is bad news.

At Tough Yakka we have fully trained teams ready for hire. Our professional shipping container unloading and loading workers are the best around. We are a trusted, leading Brisbane shipping container loading company and we can assist you in loading or unloading ship, rail, or road containers servicing businesses across the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. Contact us now to learn more!