Shipping container loading is labour-intensive and requires experience. You may want to load it yourself to save money, but chances are you’ll end up spending more.

The work requires trained and experienced workers. It’s challenging and with many dangers, but when you hire qualified workers, you’ll not only avoid the risks but also save time and money.

At Tough Yakka, we do all the tough work for you. We’ll provide you with all the workers you need for safe and on-time shipping container loading. Read on to learn more.

Why You Should Not Load Your Shipping Container

Risk of Injuring Yourself
You risk injuring yourself when loading a shipment container without the required experience. If there are moving objects, they can trap you. Also, open containers are loaded from above, and falling is a considerable risk.

You Might Injure Others
If you’re using equipment such as a forklift or crane without adequate training, you might make a mistake and injure someone. Goods can slip and fall on someone, injuring them or, worse, resulting in fatalities.

Potential Damage to Your Goods
Some goods are fragile and should be handled carefully. Others, even if not so fragile, can also get damaged during loading. The damage results in losses and potential delays.

Overloading the Container
Every container has a maximum capacity, which it should not surpass. Containers are weighed before they’re loaded for shipping, and if yours is overloaded, you’ll be required to unpack and reduce the weight.

That means extra work and potential delays. Instead of all the hassle, why not hire qualified workers for shipping container loading services?

Wastage of Space
It might not seem like it, but shipping container loading and packing is a skill you learn from years of experience. If you pack them wrongly, you might end up with unutilised space. But with skilled loaders, the space will be used as required.

Why Use a Professional Container Loading Company Like Tough Yakka

To mitigate any risk, consider hiring a professional container-loading company to do all the gruelling work for you.

Here are the reasons why you should use Tough Yakka.

Our Workers are Highly Trained and Skilled
At Tough Yakka, our workers are highly trained and experienced in shipping container loading. From heavy lifters to forklift operators, heavy vehicle drivers, and general hands, you can be sure of quality workmanship and unmatched service.

Your Products Will Be Handled and Packed Safely
Are you loading fragile goods for shipment? You don’t have to worry about breakage and damage. We will handle your goods carefully and pack them safely.

We have experience handling different types of products, and you can rest assured yours will be in good hands. Additionally, we offer pallet wrapping services to ensure your goods reach their destination in one piece and without any damage,

We are Licensed and Certified
We’re sure you’d do anything to avoid injuries and the litigation costs as well as income loss that results from accidents.

That is why we hold the required licenses and certifications as proof of our training and experience in our work. Additionally, all our workers are trained in giving first aid. We also have an insurance policy that covers all workers, property, and machinery to protect them and your property from any eventualities.

As a business owner, getting a service provider that assures you of friendly charges and quality work can be a hassle. But at Tough Yakka, we charge fixed loading fees and deliver unmatched services. We won’t take advantage of you by charging you per hour and taking longer to complete the work. Our charges are cost-effective and have a reputation built on accountability, hard work, and reliability.

Hire Trained Loading Workers from Tough Yakka

Reputable hard workers are rare. But loading your shipping container yourself is dangerous. That is why hiring our experienced workers assures you of peace of mind and quality loading work. We put our best foot forward and strive to ensure your needs are met. And we’ll not charge you anything more than we should. Give us a call at Tough Yakka today, let us know how we can assist you and we’ll be there when you need us.