Talk to any high-flying CEO, and, when pressed about the secret to their success, they will almost always say this, “Remember, a company is only as good as its people.”

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about lawyers, cleaners or fruit pickers. Businesses are as good as the sum of their parts, and so that means always having a pool of great workers available.

Find out why the same principle applies to skilled warehouse labour, as we examine the need to always have plenty of safe hands-on site.

The Key Benefits of Having Access to Skilled Warehouse Labour

Warehouses come with their own unique challenges. There are not many places where you might find someone unpacking a container full of Harley Davidsons one day followed by thousands of frozen chickens the next.

Understanding the best working practices takes physical and mental strength, well-honed skills, continuous training and plenty of experience. Here are some of the key benefits to a business that uses skilled warehouse labour:

  • It optimises the time it takes to move goods from one place to another
  • It mitigates the risk of accidents because staff have the correct training
  • Experienced labourers work better together and tend to be more flexible
  • Using skilled people makes them feel valued, increasing job satisfaction
  • There’s less stress put on regular members of staff

Skilled warehouse workers should have the following qualities:

  • Physical strength and an ability to stay mentally focused
  • An awareness of safety issues and an understanding of how to mitigate risk
  • Experience in correctly packing tightly and unpacking without damaging goods
  • Reliability and friendliness

In addition, they should have proven attention to detail. They need to ensure that labels get attached properly, items are placed on the correct shelves, and orders are packed according to instructions.

They also need to understand key dependencies such as:

  • Load distribution
  • Weight considerations when loading and where to place the heaviest goods
  • How to stack liquids and dry goods in the same container
  • The best ways to protect cargo during the whole shipping process
  • How to mitigate leaks by securing cargo and filling gaps

The Best Business Model for Accessing Skilled Warehouse Labour

There can be huge fluctuations in workflow in ports and at major distribution points. The danger is that you end up with a workforce that may have little to do during one week but feel overstretched the next.

It, therefore, pays to have a steady supply of skilled hands ready for you to draw upon at a moment’s notice. Using a supplier of skilled warehouse labour is an effective and efficient solution. To ensure they’re a good match, put these questions to them:

  • Have they built a reputation for only ever supplying a skilled labour crew?
  • Have they invested in training their workers in relevant warehouse skills?
  • Do workers hold necessary licences such as those needed for forklift trucks?
  • Can they supply skilled workers when you need them, often at short notice?
  • Does the crew bring all the necessary equipment with them?

Training, staff development and staff retention are valuable assets to any company. However, they come at a considerable financial cost. That’s why having a pool of skilled hands you can draw upon but only when you need them makes so much sense.

Advantages of Using a Warehouse Labour Hire Specialist

First up, there are no recruitment costs. On top of that, there are no fees payable to recruitment agencies, no advertising costs, no interviewing and minimal admin.

Hiring can take anything from a couple of weeks to a few months. When you use a warehouse labour hire specialist, you will get workers who are ‘oven ready’ and ‘good to go.’ They’ll be the right fit for your line of work and will allow you to slot into their roles straight away so that you’re able to meet important deadlines.

Whether you have a particular short-term job that needs extra effort or you need cover for staff sickness, injury or holidays, then a warehouse labour hire specialist can plug all the gaps you have.

Permanent staff members have certain entitlements and Australia has some of the world’s strictest employment rules and regulations. Using a warehouse labour supplier means all that extra effort and admin to sort benefits and payroll get outsourced.

Concrete Costs Savings Across the Board

As a company, you will be more free and agile to adapt to dips, troughs and busier periods. There will be no long-term commitment meaning that you have access to a highly-skilled workforce when you need it.

You should always go for an unloading crew that brings the equipment they’ll need with them. It’s another way to save you money because you won’t have to save up for the costly gear you may only need occasionally. It also mitigates the chance of injury that you could end up being liable for.

Using a skilled warehouse crew also means less potential damage to goods during loading and unloading. Experienced labourers work without damaging the goods unnecessarily. They’re expert packers who have learned from experience what fits together to make maximum use of available space.

Finally, workers need to be approachable and good to be around. Team members supplied by a labour specialist will have worked together on other jobs and can communicate with each other easily. They know what they’re doing and take pride in a job well done.

Let Our Brisbane Labour Hire Services Increase Profitability

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