The year of 2022 has certainly been a rollercoaster for a lot of people. From the war in Ukraine, the lingering effects of covid, inflation, and interest rate rises have caused many of us to rethink our lives which has led to The Great Resignation. Now is the time to reassess your career and determine whether your current job is not only paying your bills but also providing you with security, flexibility, competitive remuneration and excitement. If you’re in Brisbane and looking for a new career in logistics, read on to see all that we have to offer.

Who We Are

We at Tough Yakka are Brisbane’s leading and most trusted container unloading and warehouse labour suppliers. Each day with us is exciting as our days are fast-paced and one day is never the same. We supply warehouse labour all over Brisbane. We have container crews that are sought after to unload containers at ports and warehouse sites across multiple sites across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Our top value lies within our people. We love nothing more than bringing in new team members who are ripe with potential. We support our team’s growth with training which allows our team members to work in a rewarding environment with opportunities for growth and development. In a rapidly growing industry, a new career in logistics with uncapped potential might be the best move you could ever make.

What We Do

Within our company, there are multiple opportunities for entry-level employees right up to highly skilled (and valued) forklift operators. Have a look at what some of our most popular roles entail:

Container Unloaders

Container unloading is the perfect position for those of us who are strong and fit and enjoy heavy, repetitive movement throughout the day. Your passion for staying fit is a perfect match for this role where both your mind and your body will be active each and every day. With work available in multiple locations across Brisbane including north, south and southwest, you will enjoy versatility as well.

This position is primarily day shift only with shifts beginning at 7 am. We offer casual, flexible employment for these roles. In fact, container unloading is ideal for temporary workers! We value and insist upon punctuality, dedication and eagerness to see each job completed from start to finish each and every time.

Whilst we prefer experience in container unloading, we are willing to work with and discuss opportunities for those with the personal traits we desire. A driver’s licence is highly advantageous. Your new career in logistics might start right here.

Warehouse Pick and Packers

If you think clearly and logically, and perform and work well in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment, we might be looking for you. Experience in this challenging role of pick and packing is preferred but not essential.

We highly value skills and experience with bar scanners, and voice pickers used to pick items, pack boxes, labelling products or put stickers on boxes are highly regarded. You will have experience in performing multiple tasks and adapt well to challenging environments. Your ability to work in a team environment as well as independently is ideal.

Lastly, if you have strong attention to detail, you may be perfect for this role. We would love to hear from you!

Forklift Operators

If you have experience and a great track record with a strong background in forklift operation, we are looking for you. Your experience in loading and unloading containers and stacking pallets is highly valued and matched with an attractive salary with the flexibility to suit your needs.

Your background will have you experienced in high-pressure, fast-paced environments where your attention to detail and ability to perform multiple tasks while adapting to your environment is profound.

Your proven track record has you experienced in counterbalance or a high-reach forklift. This is preferential.

Your personal attributes are reliability, punctuality, loyalty, and honesty and you are dedicated to your craft and your team. Having the ability to work amongst a team as well as independently is a requirement for this role whereby you will be rewarded through attractive compensation in an environment that values all that you have to offer. If you are a committed individual who ticks all of these boxes, please get in touch with us today.

Be A Part Of A Growing Industry

We now live in a world whereby online shopping is quickly taking over retail shopping. This change in how we shop is requiring retailers to stock products not just in their shops but also in warehouses until the sale has been made. This increase in demand for warehousing and logistics brings with it ripe opportunity for both skilled and unskilled workers who are hard workers and possess the traits required to keep up with this fast-paced industry.

This shift in society is contributing to the rapidly growing industry of warehousing and logistics. This industry in Australia is worth $5.3 billion and is predicted to continue to grow over the coming years. It is an exciting time for this industry and it is ripe with potential for those who thrive using logic and are hard workers. The opportunities are seemingly endless which makes a new career in logistics attractive to many.

We Want To Hear From You

Make 2023 your year for positive change and growth. Tough Yakkas operations across Brisbane are expanding and we want you to join our team. If you fit the mould and are passionate about what you do, please get in touch. You will be rewarded with an attractive salary in a family-friendly environment from leaders who want you to grow and succeed right alongside us. We look forward to hearing from you.