Having a positive, functioning team helping run your company can be the difference between failure and success. Part of this involves hiring forklift drivers who know how best to get the job done safely and on time. You want your work environment to not only reflect your values of hard work but also to uphold the safety and wellbeing of all those in your organisation.

What qualities and skills should you look for in your forklift drivers? Positive communication skills, an eye for safety, efficiency, and the ability to react to changes in the environment all count.

Let’s break this down into a little more detail.

Great Communication
When considering forklift driver hire and employing a Brisbane forklift operator, accomplished communication skills are important. A good forklift driver is ready to communicate with anyone who comes in their path. This is important while unloading, loading, and traveling throughout the workplace.

A forklift driver who prioritises clear communication is a positive asset. You want drivers who are ready to report safety hazards to supervisors before they become an active problem, and who talk with those deciding what to load and unload, and where.

A driver who doesn’t communicate well in this manner creates excessive downtime for your company, resulting in lost revenue. They also place your other staff members at risk of being hurt or worse. If this persists, workplace culture can erode, and the revenue lost can accumulate quickly over time. You want the best for your team and this starts with great communication.

 An Eye for Safety
Keeping a safe workplace is of paramount importance for any organisation. Conscientious forklift drivers always load carefully and inspect their load before unloading. This avoids damaging the contents and leaving you open to liability.

Careful drivers will also refrain from engaging in placing excess wear and tear on your forklifts through unnecessary breaking, spinning of the wheels, and other stress. This minimises repair costs as well as lost downtime. You want a forklift driver who is always on the lookout for the unusual and who takes the time and effort to maneuver safely around team members. The last thing you want is a traffic jam or run-in on the warehouse floor.

Having properly trained forklift drivers working for you helps to ensure your workplace stays safe.

A Healthy Sense of Timing
Efficiency and drive are key to keeping your business on track. When team members choose to spend excess time completing tasks that can be accomplished much more quickly, everyone loses out.

Having a good sense of what speed to work at can greatly impact your productivity and bottom line. A team member who works too slowly can cause everyone to change their pace, causing excessive delays.

When sourcing efficient and smart-woking Brisbane forklift drivers for hire, you can potentially save your company thousands of dollars down the line.

An Ability to Read Their Environment and React
This factor falls under “safety” but it’s also a bit more specific. Your drivers may be working outside in weather conditions that can change quickly, or in a busy environment with a lot going on. You need people on your side who are alert and able to react.

For example, operating a forklift and loading and unloading in windy conditions requires a special degree of care. Drivers need to be on the lookout for pedestrians in their path, and able to respond rapidly. They should be ready to use the machine’s devices such as horns, alarms, and flashing lights in order to keep themselves and others aware of what is going on in their environment.

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